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Why Canada Needs an Anti-Poverty Plan

By Katie-Sue Derejko

It is clear that unconscionable disparities exist in this country.

The statistics in the “National Anti-Poverty Plan for Canada” should be enough to convince most that something needs to be done to address them. It also clearly tells us that the piecemeal efforts and siloed funding initiatives we currently have in Canada are not going to be enough to address what many would define as a wicked problem.

Press Release: National Leadership is Needed to End Poverty

#WeHaveAPlan – But Do They?

Citizens for Public Justice and Canada Without Poverty release a National Anti-Poverty Plan for Canada


Ottawa, ON: February 3, 2015 – It’s time for a plan to end poverty in Canada.  In a country as wealthy as ours, 4.8 million people struggle to make ends meet: to pay their rent, feed their families, and address basic needs. Today, Dignity for All, a collaborative campaign between Citizens for Public Justice and Canada Without Poverty, released their much-anticipated National Anti-Poverty Plan for Canada. 

Canada’s Invisible Citizens

From The Catalyst Winter 2014

By Michael Cooke

June Callwood called children “Canada’s invisible citizens.” In the last years of her life, she worked tirelessly and passionately to bring an end to child poverty in Canada. She believed that “to them we cannot answer ‘Tomorrow.’ Their name is ‘Today.’ ”

Canadians Agree, We Need a Plan to Eliminate Poverty


Ottawa, ON: October 17, 2014 – Today, marks the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. People passionate about ending poverty will use the lunchtime on that day to draw attention to the 833,000 Canadians who have to rely on food banks each month to put food on their tables.  As part of Dignity for All: The Campaign for a Poverty Free Canada, volunteers at “ChewOnThis!” events are asking people across Canada to join the strong call for a federal plan to address poverty by simply going online to

Making Sense of Poverty Measures

“If we don’t make sense of poverty measures, we will limit our ability as a society to make good decisions about poverty and related issues” (Cutting through the Fog, 2010, p. 20)

Every Fall, many in the anti-poverty movement in Canada report on poverty trends.

Minding the Margins: Look Beyond the Middle Class

The middle class’ concern for their own interests is legitimate, but people of faith must put a particular emphasis on the needs of the most vulnerable and ensure their voices are heard amid the political noise.

Jobs, Training, and the Common Good

An interview with Mike Luff, who presented at the Dignity for All policy summit on Employment.​

CPJ: Which groups in Canada typically face high levels of unemployment?
Mike Luff: Too many workers are currently being locked out of opportunity and prosperity. This includes immigrants, Aboriginal peoples, women, persons with disabilities, at-risk youth, older workers, and less-skilled individuals (those with a high school diploma or less).
Faced with an aging population and increasing global competition, it is critical that we do everything we can to maximize the size and skills of our workforce. We cannot afford to leave anybody on the sidelines.


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