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2015: A Year of Progress

As 2015 comes to a close, we look back on the year that was. And what a tremendous year! 2015 has been a time of significant forward movement and tangible result at Citizens for Public Justice. Our long-standing projects, new collaborations, expanded outreach, and fresh ideas have all come together wonderfully.

Shouting It From the Rooftops

by Michèle Biss

Action on poverty is long overdue. It’s time for our federal government to step up and put in place a comprehensive, rights-based approach to poverty.

Over the past year, the Dignity for All Campaign has been shouting this message from the rooftops. We’ve been spreading the word wherever and whenever we can – at events, through media and social media, and directly in the ears of our federal candidates.

What Election 2015 Means for Public Justice

In this election, CPJ focused on democratic reform, poverty in Canada, climate justice, and refugee rights. On all four issues, our members hope to see Prime Minister Justin Trudeau take quick action to fulfill his party’s commitments. But we will also push his new government to fill in the gaps in its platform.

No Real Improvement on Poverty in Canada

Today, Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ) released “On the Margins." It shows the far-reaching impact of poverty, hitting communities across Canada. It also highlights the fact that some groups are hit harder than others. Poverty rates for Indigenous people are at 25.3%, while the national poverty rate for Indigenous children is a staggering 40%. And some First Nations communities are seeing up to 64% child poverty. Meanwhile, poverty rates for single parent-led families and new immigrants are more than double the national rate at 34.5% and 34.2% respectively.

Thousands Across Canada Call for Federal Action on Poverty

For Immediate Release

Ottawa, ON, October 6, 2015 — As the federal election campaign nears its end, people in over 50 communities across Canada are taking to the streets on Tuesday, October 6 to call for a National Anti-Poverty Plan.

Get Ready for #ChewOnThis 2015

#ChewOnThis is a little less than a month away and already over 40 communities across Canada have signed up, from St. John’s to Victoria and Whitehorse, communities from coast-to-coast-to-coast are taking part in the movement and joining us in the call for a national anti-poverty plan.

To mark this milestone we’ve released a short PSA about #ChewOnThis and updated our website, check it out below!


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