Living Justice and the Psalms: a Bible Study

Living Justice book cover Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ) has developed a free 6 week online Bible study for individuals or groups to reflect on what the Psalms have to say about emotional, spiritual, community, and material poverty. Drawing on these biblical insights and CPJ’s newly-released Living Justice: A Gospel Response to Poverty, participants will be encouraged to think, pray, discuss, and act on how a deeper understanding of poverty might inform our efforts for justice and peace in our communities and world.

Each participant will require a copy of the companion resource, Living Justice: A Gospel Response to Poverty, which can be ordered online via our website.

Living Justice and the Psalms is designed to be used once a week for 6 consecutive weeks, but can be easily adapted to your specific needs. For churches and groups from liturgical traditions that follow a lectionary, the study has been designed to correspond to the readings and themes for Lent (following the Revised Common Lectionary). Regardless of whether you come from a liturgical or non-liturgical tradition, though, the study can be used at any time of year. An intentional effort has been made to ensure the reflections and suggested prayers draw from a variety of Christian denominations and theological perspectives.

Each study consists of six main parts: (i) an introduction, including a suggested prayer; (ii) a Bible reading from the Psalms; (iii) a brief reflection; (iv) a devotional reading from Living Justice; (v) discussion questions and suggested activities; and (vi) a closing prayer. Interactive participation is required to fully engage with the readings and activities; each study should take you anywhere from 45 min – 1 ¼ hrs to complete.

Living Justice and the Psalms can be used by individuals or groups, including small groups, outreach or social justice committees, youth groups, or part of an adult learning series. It can also be used in less formal settings, such as within your family or a group of friends.

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