Hope in Troubled Times

Hope in Troubled Times - book cover Citizens for Public Justice and Baker Academic, a division of Baker Publishing Group, are pleased to announce the release of a new book, Hope in Troubled Times: A New Vision for Confronting Global Crisis.

With the world’s current and ongoing technological advances, it would seem that we are daily progressing toward a healthier and happier planet. But planetary problems, such as worldwide poverty, environmental degradation, and widespread terrorism continue to cripple our global community.

Hope in Troubled Times provides a biblically founded perception of the world’s current events at a time when so many in our violent and broken world experience despair and succumb to apathy. The authors not only offer real-world solutions to these critical worldwide issues, but they question the authority of technology, recognizing it as a potential idol that hinders progress. The choice is obvious. We either make care for others and the earth a priority, or we watch as humanity, and the world it inhabits, suffers.

On June 11, 2008, The Word Guild, an organization of Christian writers in Canada, made Hope in Troubled Times the winner in its “Culture” category at their awards ceremony. Co-author Mark Vander Vennen accepted the award on behalf of himself and fellow authors Bob Goudzwaard and David Van Heemst.

CPJ is pleased to offer you a short excerpt from Hope in Troubled Times [PDF 430kB] to whet your appetite and encourage you to read more. Please refer to the form on the back page to order your copy(ies) from CPJ.

As an extra bonus, to read even more, you can now download The Foreword and First Chapter [PDF 387kB].


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