Groundings Reflections

Our work is grounded in God’s call to do justice, love our neighbours and be stewards of creation. In this section you will find reflections on this biblical call and what our faithful response can be.

St. Patrick's Anticipatory Interruption

By Shawn Sanford Beck on March 15th, 2017

From the Catalyst, Spring 2017

Nestled in the liturgically purple lenten desert is a tiny green shard of resurrection.

Like a verdant weed sprouting up in the newly-ploughed spring garden mud, the feast day of blessed Patrick feels like it should belong to the Paschal season, rather than the penitential 40 days which precede it. I'm drawn to St. Patrick's Day as a parable: a tiny, homely hologram of the power of the Spirit to break in where she is not expected, an anticipatory interruption.

Be Encouraged to Address Poverty

From The Catalyst, Summer 2016
By Meghan Mast

“Rich and poor have this in common: The LORD is the Maker of them all,” reads Proverbs 22:2. This passage is a convicting reminder that none of us is above another. We are all equal in the eyes of our creator.

Groundings: Of Pigsties, Stewardship, and the Flourishing of Creation

From The Catalyst Spring 2015

At a recent meeting of CPJ’s Board of Directors, an agenda item proposed changing one word in our mission statement. After a spirited discussion, we voted unanimously to replace “stewardship” with “the flourishing of creation.” Despite the word change, the fertile biblical concept of stewardship remains a core element in CPJ’s vision and mission. Thus, the fascinating, somewhat comical, history of the word “steward” is rich and worthy of brief reflection by CPJ’s community.

Hanging Out With Jesus: Today’s Christian and the least of these

From the Summer 2014 edition of  The Catalyst

By Allison Chubb

All of us who went to Sunday School know the kinds of people Jesus hung around with: the people looked down on by the dominant culture, those who were bad or different — or maybe just a bit scary. People like drug addicts, transgender people, and those struggling with mental illness. And what did Jesus tell us about them? “Whatever you do for the least of these, you do for me.” (Matthew 25:40)


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