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Budget 2017

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CPJ's recommendations for, and responses to, the federal government's annual budget.

Contributing to the Common Good: 2007 pre-budget submission

Submission to the Standing Committee on Finance Pre-Budget Consultations
The House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance has asked what criteria should guide changes to Canada’s tax system. CPJ has submitted a brief underscoring that paying taxes is an important way that citizens contribute to the common good – funding the public infrastructure and services that create a shared and sustainable prosperity.

CPJ responds to 2007 Federal Budget

Federal budgets should inspire our deepest commitments as citizens; commitments to live out the values of compassion and solidarity. We share as a matter of public justice a responsibility to look out for, not just our own needs, but also for the needs of our neighbours. From this perspective, Budget 2007 leaves a lot more for which to aspire.

Time for a Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy

Submission to the Standing Committee on Finance Pre-Budget Consultations
September 2006
Download the brief
Citizens for Public Justice’s call for a national poverty reduction strategy is rooted in our commitment to the biblical call to do justice. It is also based on our understanding of public justice and the responsibilities of active citizenship.

Federal budget 2006: A public justice first look

Canada is a land of great wealth. Nowhere was that more apparent than in the 2006 federal budget, the first of the new Conservative government. In it, Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty forecast surpluses of more than $37 billion dollars over the next two years.

To Welcome the Stranger: 2005 pre-budget submission

A Public Justice Perspective on Budget Making
Submission to the Standing Committee on Finance Pre-Budget Consultations
September 2005
Download the brief
CPJ's 2005 finance committee brief makes the case for expanding the focus of the pre-budget hearings beyond a narrow interest in productivity and increasing the standard of living. We present evidence to show how growth in the standard of living can and has left many people behind. This is particularly evident in the falling fortunes of recent immigrants.

Report frames budget shortcomings

UNICEF’s recent report, Child Poverty in Rich Countries 2005, paints an unflattering portrait of Canada’s lack of progress in reducing child poverty. With a child poverty rate of 14.9%, Canada ranks 19th out of 26 OECD nations.

Repaying a debt to Canada's children

Submission to the Standing Committee on Finance Pre-Budget Consultations
November 2004
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CPJ's 2004 brief to federal pre-budget hearings focuses on Canada's failed promise to end child poverty and steps that could see that goal achieved.

Budget 2003: The size and costs of reduced social transfers

Canada’s social transfer system was dramatically reduced during the federal government’s effort to eliminate the fiscal deficit. This has contributed to a growing social deficit in the country. Canada is in a time of rebuilding. The elements of a more robust national system of social investment funds are in place. They need to be enriched and the terms of their use strengthened for them to fulfill the potential of creating greater social and economic security.


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