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Budget 2017

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CPJ's recommendations for, and responses to, the federal government's annual budget.

Budget an opportunity to build economy of care

Budget decisions are unquestionably moral decisions: they reveal our values, affect how resources are allocated, and shape our common future as Canadians.We believe that our economy should be an economy of care, putting the well-being of people and of the earth at the heart of economic planning. By promoting dignity for all Canadians, strengthening social security, and supporting fairness and equal opportunity, Budget 2010 can help Canada to take steps towards an economy of care for all Canadians.

Building an economy of care: 2009 pre-budget submission

Submission to the Standing Committee on Finance Pre-Budget Consultations
The present economic and environmental crises highlight the fact that our economy has not provided care for people or creation. Moving beyond the crises requires that re-think our fundamental economic orientation. We need to expand our understanding of prosperity beyond economic growth to encompass social and environmental well-being.

Budget 2009: No Poverty Reduction Strategy

You’ve heard us say it before, and I’ll say it again: there are over 3.4 million Canadians living in poverty – this according to the Statistics Canada after-tax Low Income Cut-Off (LICO).

Sadly, the Conservative government failed to deliver for Canada’s poor.

The budget contained no poverty reduction strategy. In fact, it contained no mention of poverty, let alone a commitment to ensure that it is addressed. And, the measures aimed at “low-income” Canadians provide far too little for those that need it most.

Budget 2009: Tory blue

The federal budget, announced on Tuesday, was significantly lacking on the ‘green’ front. It was clearly still Tory blue.

CPJ, along with environmental groups, hoped that the government would take this prime opportunity to implement a green budget, with increased funding for alternative energy, green infrastructure alternatives and measures to encourage technological innovation. This would have moved Canada towards a modern, sustainable economy.

Budget 2009: Tax cuts not good policy

Although economists were nearly unanimous in their advice before the budget that tax cuts are not a good form of stimulus, Budget 2009 includes $2 billion a year in tax cuts as part of its economic stimulus package. The government – as part of its coordinated campaign of leaks – had been hinting before the budget at tax cuts for the middle class, the “backbone of the economy.”

So when I saw the budget commitment to a tax cut for essentially anyone making less than $81,452, I began to wonder what “middle class” is in Canada.

Press Release: Federal budget a lost opportunity, says CPJ


Ottawa, ON: January 28, 2009 - While applauding the government’s serious approach to the economic crisis, Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ) is disappointed that the federal budget did not contain a poverty reduction strategy or any significant measures to help the most vulnerable in Canada.

“We welcome the government’s intention to run a short-term deficit, but, among other things, the budget missed out on two important fronts – helping the most vulnerable and moving towards a green economy,” said Joe Gunn, executive director.

Vision to Action: 2008 pre-budget submission

Canada without Poverty
Submission to the Standing Committee on Finance Pre-Budget Consultations
20 years ago, the House of Commons passed an all-party resolution to end child poverty in Canada by 2000. As we approach the 20th anniversary, Budget 2009 should make good on that promise

Lacking Responsible Leadership: Budget 2008 and Government Values

Budget 2008, introduced last week, was billed as “Responsible Leadership.” Yet the values and priorities evident in the budget do not include measures to reduce poverty, address homelessness or protect the environment. Public justice calls governments to take responsibility on these issues – and Budget 2008 drastically failed to answer this call.


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