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Renew the Christian roots of Canada’s health care system

Christian Courier

Canada will celebrate its 150th year as one of the world’s most blessed countries. An incredibly diverse and hard-working population has transformed our expansive geography of plentiful natural resources into one of the world’s most wealthy societies.

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Welcoming Refugees in Troubled Times


Our world is taking uncertain turns. Countries are becoming more insular and inhospitable to refugees and those fleeing terror. The United States has suspended all refugee admissions from Syria indefinitely. This is disheartening, because the Syrian crisis keeps producing many refugees who need safety.

This leaves Christians with a greater responsibility to welcome refugees.

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Canada Must Pay Attention to Refugees in Poverty

Newcomers to Canada, including refugees, experience poverty at a troubling rate.

While the level of poverty among refugees remains unclear, our 2016 report on poverty in Canada reveals that 34 per cent of new immigrants and refugees live in poverty.  

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Broken electoral reform promise dismaying: CPJ

Faith group has long called for proportional representation


Ottawa, ON: February 1, 2017 — Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ) is dismayed to learn today that the Trudeau government has abandoned its promise to enact proportional representation in Canada.

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Letter: Reconsider Safe Third Country Agreement

February 2017
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Canada signed the Safe Third Country Agreement at a time when the United States government stood firm on its humanitarian obligations to those in flight from terror and persecution. Our government had confidence that the United States would treat all refugees fairly. Today, we cannot rely on the United States to provide a fair hearing to refugee claimants before they arrive in Canada. 

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CPJ Denounces Islamophobia and Violence in Quebec City

CPJ expresses solidarity with Muslim community in the wake of shooting 

Ottawa, ON: January 30, 2017 
— Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ) expressed solidarity with the Muslim community of Quebec City in the wake of the shooting at the Islamic Cultural Centre last night. 

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Faith communities must renounce hate speech

Prairie Messenger

The culminating event of 2016 was the election victory of Donald Trump in the United States.

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Support Meaningful Climate Action in Canada!

Urge your MP to support strong emissions-reducing measures in Canada’s climate action plan.

God’s creation and the life it sustains are precious. Urge your MP to ensure Canada contributes equitably to the Paris Agreement. Write to them today!

Canadian climate action must respect scientific estimates of the global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions budget, and contributes equitably towards the 1.5°C limit on global warming aspired to in the Paris Agreement. 

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Fishing for Solutions to the Climate Crisis

By Lois Mitchell on November 16th, 2016

From the Catalyst, Winter 2016

If you were to sit down with a group of fishermen or farmers anywhere in the world and ask them about climate change, it might surprise you to hear the things they could tell you.

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2016: A Year of Speaking Out

When the new government in Ottawa laid out its ambitious policy agenda at the end of 2015, a major part of the process was to engage with Canadians. Throughout the past year, the government met with individuals and organizations, asking how Canadians feel things should take shape. CPJ has been front and centre at many of these events, meeting with cabinet ministers, policy analysts, and officials to bring your voice, the voice of Christians who have a vision for a just and loving society, into the discussions. CPJ does not shy away from asking the hard questions, and we present comprehensive, thoughtful, and compassionate policy alternatives to the issues at hand. 

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