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A Public Justice Approach to the Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy

Submission to Employment and Social Development for Canada’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Consultations
June 2017
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CPJ is very pleased to see that the federal government is moving forward in the development of a Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy (CPRS). We want to ensure that this strategy is comprehensive, accountable, and enhances the dignity of all people.

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We Have Tough Work Still To Do On Poverty In Canada

Huffington Post

Have you ever planned a party, but worried that nobody would come?

In February, the Liberal government launched consultations with Canadians on what should be included in the country's first-ever poverty reduction strategy. Similarly, the Minister launched a "national conversation" at the end of June 2016 -- but on the specific and more limited topic of housing. Over 7,000 Canadians participated.

So far, the consultation process on a poverty reduction plan for Canada, however, seems to be attracting a more limited response. 

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Climate Change as a Matter of Faith and Justice

Canada Helps

I recently heard the story – as told by the Anglican National Indigenous Bishop, Mark MacDonald – of a Lakota elder, who, upon hearing a proposal to develop a list of “green” scripture passages, replied, “But isn’t the whole Bible about caring for creation?”

This perspective, one that sees environmentalism at the heart of Christian action, is deeply held by our work at Citizens for Public Justice.

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AGM 2017: Reconciliation Needs Problem Solvers

At CPJ's Annual General Meeting in Winnipeg, Shaun Loney delivered a keynote address on the real essence of reconciliation in Canadian society. Loney’s book, An Army of Problem Solvers, provides deep insights into the connections between reconciliation and economic prosperity in Indigenous communities.

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HUMA poverty report reflects many DfA recommendations

Committee calls for improved supports for vulnerable communities and a national poverty measure


Ottawa, ON: June 1, 2017 — The HUMA Parliamentary Committee has released a report on its recent study on poverty reduction strategies. The report, Breaking the Cycle: A Study on Poverty Reduction, summarizes what the committee heard its six-month study from the testimony of 162 witnesses and 74 submitted briefs. It outlines five areas of focus, including: income security; education, training, and employment; housing; mental health; and communities and neighbourhoods.

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Battle for a living wage is a key to Church’s drive for social justice

Catholic Register

Even as the Ontario government moved to enact new labour laws and increase the minimum wage to $15, experts agree there is no quick fix to protecting workers from the threat of poverty.

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Refugees to Canada Receive Only a Half Welcome

Christian Courier

Imagine that you are a member of a church that was so moved by the refugee crisis in Syria that you decided to sponsor a Syrian family. Imagine further that the family you sponsored was not among the first 25,000 to come to Canada after the Liberal government won a majority mandate, and that family ended up waiting four or six months to arrive in Canada rather than the mere days or weeks of the earlier families.

It doesn’t take much imagination because this is what happened after February 2016. 

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Bishops join CPJ Board for discussion of social justice

By ​Thea deGroot

On May 25 the Board of Citizens for Public Justice met in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Board was honoured to have the Archbishop of Winnipeg, Richard Gagnon, and the National Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, Susan Johnson, join us for a lunch-time discussion on how CPJ’s efforts and the work and insight that these two church leaders bring to their own denominations overlap and enhance social justice in Canada.

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A Settler’s Atonement

Christian Courier

“The prairie landscape,” Trevor Herriot says, “has become one of the most altered on the planet.”

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Making the Links: Refugees, Climate Change, and Poverty

By Asha Kerr-Wilson and Bolu Coker

When we think of the Syrian refugee crisis, political unrest and terrorism immediately come to mind. Very rarely do we ever think of climate change and poverty as casual factors in this crisis, or in our current global refugee situation. It’s not an obvious connection many of us have made.  A closer look at these links is necessary to ensure we can address the ever-evolving conflict situations of our times.

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