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Budget 2010 falls short by staying the course.

The recession has had a tremendous impact on Canadians. Job losses and a faltering safety net have added hundreds of thousands of people to the population of Canadians living in poverty. Economic stimulus and deficit spending are most certainly required to confront this vulnerability. Measures to create and sustain jobs and to build a strong and healthy country are needed. But this cannot be done at the expense of those on the margins, excluded from mainstream society.

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Gerald Vandezande: Canada's Unassuming Prophet

One of CPJ's founders and a recognized name in religious and political circles, Gerald Vandezande's life has been one of faithfulness, commitment and passion. Starting with his humble beginnings, the article outlines some life lessons from this Christian social activist.

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A New Beginning?

June 11 marks the one-year anniversary of the Government of Canada’s apology to First Nations for the attitudes and policies that led to the Indian Residential Schools.

At this significant moment, several questions arise. What difference has the apology made to the lives of Canada’s First Peoples? Have we changed the way that we, as Canadians and as Christians, engage with our Aboriginal brothers and sisters changed? Have we entered a time when Aboriginal peoples are seen and treated as valued members of Canadian society?

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The Real Benefit of Public Services

Little girl learning to write It’s tax time in Canada and people across the country are crunching their numbers, filling out the forms, and crossing their fingers for a good tax return. Chances are, very little consideration is being given to the benefit of paying taxes, or to the services we receive in return. 

The extent to which taxes have been disassociated from public services is astounding. Across the Canadian political spectrum, taxation is consistently presented in a negative light. Yet the truth about taxes is that they finance the mechanisms by which the health, safety, and well-being of our society are promoted. They also provide us with tremendous personal benefits.

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Language Requirements Counter to Public Justice Values

Two weeks ago, Minister for Citizenship and Immigration Jason Kenney stated that he believed immigrants should be required to speak English or French before being accepted into Canada, arguing that this would encourage newcomers to integrate more into Canadian society. His statement has since sparked a heated debate about immigration policy in Canada. How do we integrate newcomers into Canada? Is a language requirement fair and necessary for integration?

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Loving Thy Neighbour: A Biblical Call to End Poverty

Poverty is an unnecessary injustice, for God created a world with abundant resources to use for sustaining healthy and dignified lives. The cause of poverty does not lie in the availability of resources and capital, but in the scarcity of practices such as stewardship and neighbourly love.

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Taking up the mantle – CPJ gives thanks

In this 45th anniversary year, we look back with thankfulness to the many different people who helped lay the foundations for CPJ and public justice in Canada. From the founding members to our new supporters, CPJ has been blessed with many dedicated, strong voices for justice.

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