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50th Anniversary Reflector: Harry Kits

Harry was the first reflector in CPJ's 50th anniversary year. Some satisfying legacies of his time as Executive Director were moving the office to Ottawa and creating year-long public justice internships.

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Living as covenant people

A Christian response to Idle No More 

A reflection on what we can learn from Theresa Spence and the Idle No More movement about living faithfully together as "treaty people" in a covenant relationship.

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CPJ participating in solidarity fast with Theresa Spence

CPJ staff will be participating, with KAIROS Canada and many other Canadians committed to faith and justice, in a one-day solidarity fast with Chief Theresa Spence this week.

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2013: 50 years of work for public justice!

In 2013 we celebrated CPJ's 50th anniversary: a time to share and honour all the ways CPJ inspired and transformed public policy in Canada, to learn more about people whose courage and insight have led to lasting change, and to lift up visions for the future. Thank you to everyone who joined us in this celebration!

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Joe Gunn receives Diamond Jubilee Medal

Senator Grant Mitchell of Alberta awarding Joe Gunn with the Diamond Jubilee Medal Congratulations to Joe Gunn, who was recently awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for outstanding service to his community and to Canada.

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Charity is not enough: ending child poverty in Canada

Universal Children's Day, November 20, was a day of creative action, learning, and reflection across the country on all the changes that are needed for the most impoverished children in Canada to live in dignity.

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Bring our Tax Dollars Home

Meet the Canadian Tax Dollar, the mascot for the Tackle Tax Havens campaign. He has been sent off to a tax haven by some wealthy individuals and large corporations in order to avoid paying taxes. He had a good time at first, but now he is homesick and wants to come home so he can do something useful, like help fund health care or education.

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Poverty Trends Scorecard: Canada 2012

October 2012
The first report in CPJ's Poverty Trends Scorecard series examines the impact of poverty on people across Canada and shows that while some progress toward ending poverty in Canada has been made, but much more work remains for us all to do.
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A tale of two provinces: a case for action against poverty

Twelve years ago, British Columbia & Newfoundland and Labrador shared the distinction of having some of the highest poverty rates in the country. Ten years later, Newfoundland had one of the lowest poverty rates amongst the provinces while BC still had the highest. What made the difference?

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AGM 2012: A Call to Speak Truth to Power

Sheila Regehr, former executive director of the National Council of Welfare speaks as CPJ's 2012 Annual General Meeting in Ottawa. 

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