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Poverty in the BC election

With the BC election just one week away, it’s an important time to see what the parties have to say about poverty. What are their plans to improve the well-being and life chances of the 510,000 children, women, and men living below the poverty line?

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Growing Food Sovereignty in Gardens

Cultivating a mindful relationship with our food has never been more challenging or more important. Unlike preceding generations, the majority of us no longer live among those who grow our food. Much of the food sold in Canadian grocery stores has travelled long distances. And most eaters know remarkably little about their daily meals: Where was the food grown? By whom? Under what conditions?

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Extraordinary Hope: 50th anniversary reflection

This is the fourth online reflection posted in honour of CPJ's 50th anniversary.

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Loving our neighbours: Brief on Income Inequality

Reducing inequality by lifting Canadians out of poverty
Brief to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance Study of Income Inequality in Canada
The Finance Committee has finally started its study of income inequality. Prior to these hearings, CPJ submitted a brief to the committee entitled ‘Loving our neighbours.’ We shared with the committee that Canadian churches and faith communities are concerned about income inequality and believe that all spheres of society, including the federal government, have a role to play in ensuring everyone has access to a life of dignity, well-being, and opportunity.
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New ‘Proud to Protect Refugees’ campaign is launched

This article originally appeared in the Spring 2013 edition of the Catalyst.​​

Refugee health: Churches need to speak out

Today on Refugee Rights Day, the Canadian Council for Refugees is launching the Proud to Protect Refugees campaign with CPJ’s support. The campaign is asking organizations to make a public declaration of their support for refugees and people seeking support in Canada. Citizens for Public Justice has also sent a letter to Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, asking him to rescind the cuts to the Interim Federal Health Program.

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Poverty at Your Doorstep

Poverty at Your Doorstep March 2013
Five reports that paint vivid portraits of what poverty looks like in Montreal, Hamilton, Toronto, Winnipeg, and Vancouver have been released today. Written by CPJ’s Katherine Scott with information from our Poverty Trends Scorecard series and published by World Vision, they use info and stories to share what’s happening in each community and how local organizations are responding.
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Budget 2013: Human development or economic development?

Budget 2013 makes it is clear that the federal government is continuing on the same trajectory. This budget provides little hope for people concerned about poverty and the environment. Economic growth and job training are the top priorities, unfortunately at the expense of almost all else. 

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50th Anniversary Reflector: Murray MacAdam

Murray MacAdam, a former Catalyst editor, contributes our third 50th anniversary reflection. Some of the highlights from his time at CPJ include negotiating a major compensation agreement with the Grassy Narrows band in northwestern Ontario and an interview with the late Ted Scott, one of Canada’s leading Christian social justice advocates. 

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Alternative Federal Budget seeks to reduce poverty together

Today, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) released the annual Alternative Federal Budget (AFB) 2013 in advance of the federal budget expected in late March. This year’s AFB, entitled, “Doing Better Together” proposes a financial plan that focuses on the public good as opposed to austerity measures that undermine growth and hurt low-income Canadians the most. 

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Are you Living Eco-Justice?

As Canadians, we are famous for our constant conversations about the weather, but when it comes to larger environmental questions are we able to do more than just talk?

CPJ's forthcoming worship and action guide, Living Eco-Justice: A Gospel Response to the Environmental Crisis (coming out later in 2013) will provide with information and inspiration to Canadian Christians looking for active ways to engage in the pursuit of abundant life for all creation.

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