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Living Ecological Justice: What is Stewardship?

The concept of stewardship often triggers conversations about management of finances and resources within a faith community. However, Stephen Bede Scharper challenges us to step beyond monetary responsibility to the broader scope of intentional  ecological accountability. Being a good steward means taking care of what has been bestowed upon us as our responsibility. One of the greatest tasks of a good steward is to love and to care for their gift as the Creator would. The phrase “creation care” is suggested by Scharper to replace or supercede stewardship, but I challenge that instead of displacing “stewardship,” the church must redefine and transform its limited understanding of dominion in Genesis 1:26-28. 

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the Catalyst, Winter 2013 - Vol. 36, No. 3


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"Making Ends Meet"

December 2013
This fourth and final report in our Poverty Trends Scorecard series shows that in the face of economic uncertainty and stagnant incomes, Canadians are working hard to keep up with rising living costs.
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Public Justice – Now, More than Ever!

by Will Postma

This article originally appeared in the Winter 2013 edition of the Catalyst.​

​​For 50 years, Citizens for Public Justice has given voice and legs to my hopes and prayers for a more just Canada. I see CPJ as a little blue engine pulling a long train of carefully-considered policy recommendations over a mountain, undeterred by barriers of unjust legislation or misguided government priorities. 

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Income inequality report fails poor Canadians


Ottawa, ON: December 11, 2013 – A report on income inequality released by the House of Commons’ Finance Committee yesterday doesn’t do nearly enough to address the needs of low-income Canadians, says national faith-based organization Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ).

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Human Rights Day Statement: What About Refugee Rights?

Activists, former politicians, and national church leaders found something to agree on this morning. All were among the 47 distinguished signatories of a Human Rights Day statement urging the government to change their refugee policies. 

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Is it time for a Guaranteed Livable Income?

Call it what you want – a basic income, guaranteed annual income, or guaranteed livable income – it’s an idea that’s gaining momentum both in Canada and abroad as countries such as Switzerland, India, and Brazil begin to test and consider such a program.

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Building Public Justice Together

This article originally appeared in the Spring 2013 edition of the Catalyst.​​

By Lee Hollaar

Last month our church dedicated a Sunday offering to the local food bank. It was a pleasure to think and act locally, without losing a perspective of what needs to change globally. The very next day the same food bank’s director was on radio explaining the challenges the organization is facing. Clients’ needs for services have gone up substantially. Complicated by other demands of “competing” organizations in the community, donations of both cash and food were down. The commitment to serving people had to come first, he said. If funds didn’t arrive shortly, services would need to be cut further. They were doing everything possible to meet the needs of the voiceless poor. 

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Celebrating 50 Years and a New Book in Ottawa!

How fitting that CPJ celebrated our 50th anniversary of engaging faith, politics, and advocacy in Ottawa on November 1, All Saints' Day! For half a century, CPJ members and supporters have pursued the inevitable connectedness between faithful Christian living and seeking justice in public policies. CPJ continues to "show up" and to "stand up" for societal injustices by accepting the responsibility of walking in solidarity with the vulnerable, the exploited, and the marginalized.

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Faith. Justice. Impact?

The spirit and presence of Gerald Vandezande was undeniable as CPJ’s board and staff received two opposition Members of Parliament, NDP Paul Dewar and Liberal John McKay, for a recent discussion on faith and public policy. The discussion was held as part of the November 1-2 Board of Directors meeting, and aimed to explore how best CPJ could translate its prophetic voice on key public justice issues into policy impact.

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