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Chew on This! We Need a Plan to End Poverty in Canada

Most Canadians are not aware that 1 in 7 people in this country experience poverty. More than 800 000 rely on food banks each month and 13.3% of Canadian children live in poverty. And on any given night, about 30, 000 Canadians are homeless.

But what does poverty actually look like in Canada?  

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Making Sense of Poverty Measures

“If we don’t make sense of poverty measures, we will limit our ability as a society to make good decisions about poverty and related issues” (Cutting through the Fog, 2010, p. 20)

Every Fall, many in the anti-poverty movement in Canada report on poverty trends.

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Letter: Speed up Private Sponsorship for Syrian refugees

October 2014
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CPJ's Board Chair, Will Postma, and Executive Director, Joe Gunn, respond to Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander. In this second letter, we again request Canada step up and commit to resettle 10,000 Syria refugees.

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Churches Fear Future of Refugee Sponsorship

From The Catalyst Winter 2014

by Ashley Chapman (Originally published in Embassy News.)

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Religious Momentum to Resolve the Climate Crisis?

After the People’s Climate March, the Climate Summit, and the growing interest in Canadian worship communities for action, we can all participate in this growing momentum for creation care and advocacy

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Refugee Workshop for Churches

The Christian Reformed Church has created a toolkit of resources for churches and other groups to learn about the experiences of refugees in Canada today and respond.

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Taxes for the benefit of all Canadians

September 2014

The federal government should reverse tax cuts that disproportionately benefit a select few in favour of tax credits that more effectively address the needs of low-income families.

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Video: Living Faithfully into a New Climate

Through a sense of wonder with creation we are invited to seek insights into God's will for a just society, a fair economy, and a flourishing land. This short video explores major themes related to climate change and identifies ways in which we are called to respond.

We encourage you to share this video widely. Learn more about CPJ's work on climate change and the "Living Faithfully into a New Climate" project.

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"Private Sponsorship and Public Policy"

Cover September 2014
"Private Sponsorship and Public Policy" is a survey of church connected sponsorship agreements holders, those two assist refugees in their resettlement. It outlines their top concerns with government policy including wait times, health cuts, and consultation. 
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Letter: Canada at the 2014 UN Climate Summit

August 2014
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One month ahead of the 2014 Climate Summit, CPJ wrote to Prime Minster Stephen Harper asking him to attend the summit and present new ideas that will effectively tackle climate change, such as promised regulations on the oil and gas sector or Canada's contribution of $400 million annually to the UN’s Green Climate Fund​

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