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The Politics of the Safe Third Country Agreement

Political pressure is mounting as refugee claimants continue to face barriers to protection at the Canada-U.S. border. With our latest report, Reclaiming Protection, CPJ amplifies the call for an overhaul to the Safe Third Country Agreement. As the countdown has begun to the 2019 Federal election, it’s useful to take a deeper look at exactly what the major parties are saying about the issue, and why. 

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A Tale of Two Witnesses

Faith Today

We know we are called to love our neighbour, and to varying degrees we are aware of the oppression of poverty. We feel we maybe ought to do something – that someone ought to – but we are paralyzed by our sense of insignificance in the face of seemingly insurmountable issues.

There are many simple steps individuals and churches can take to live out our calling to love our neighbour not only in word, but in deed.

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Canadian churches still an ally for social justice

Policy Options

Some say the time of the churches is over in Canada. Others may say that it did not come soon enough. But what many Canadians may not be aware of is there is a long history of churches working together for social justice and peace, efforts that contributed significantly to the progressive social programs and international stature our country enjoys today.

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How Canadians can help stop children being torn from their parents at the U.S. border

UC Observer

Anger. Disbelief. Grief. Outrage. Many of us are feeling emotionally overwhelmed and exhausted as we grapple with the news reports coming out of the United States. As part of the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy, over 2,000 migrant children have been forcibly separated from their parents since April.

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Faith Groups Cross Borders in Support of Refugees

A strong display of global support for refugees was present at the International Refugee Rights Conference, held at York University from June 7 to 9, 2018. More than 800 participants from all parts of the world gathered for the three-day event, hosted by the Canadian Council for Refugees. Citizens for Public Justice sponsored a workshop exploring the topic of how various faith communities can work jointly to advocate for refugees.

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CPJ Launches Journeys to Justice in Toronto

By Dennis Gruending

At CPJ’s AGM in Toronto on May 31, contributors to Joe Gunn's new book spoke about the successes, and limits, of Christian political engagement. Gunn interviewed ten Canadian Christians who he considers “role models in the pursuit of public justice.” 

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Gender and Refugee Integration in Canada

EUUNICEF, and scholarly reports show that women refugees often have a more difficult time securing employment, lack adequate access to important health services, and face a double discrimination effect of being minorities and women. Similar data is found among refugees in Canada, with reports showing consistently lower employment rates for refugee women. 

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Letter: Stop calling refugee claimants "illegal"

June 2018

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As refugee claimants continue to arrive at Canada's border from the United States, Canadians have been engaged in vigorous debate on how we should respond. International refugee law is clear that crossing the border outside of an official port of entry is legal. CPJ has asked that all Members of Parliament be careful in their use of language surrounding border crossers from the United States. A more appropriate term is "irregular refugee claimants."

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CPJ’s New Board Members

CPJ is excited to welcome four new Board members. As our Board, staff, and supporters gathered in Toronto, CPJ elected Rene Adams, Harold Roscher, Cherilyn Spraakman, and Tiffany Talen. We are excited about the contributions they will bring to our work! Read on to learn more about these new additions to CPJ's Board of Directors.

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Give it up for the Earth!

Give it up for the Earth! raises awareness about climate change and mobilizes Christians across Canada to collect signatures as a demonstration of support for increased federal government action.

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