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The high cost of the oil sands

As the world's supply of natural oil and gas is being depleted, Canada started producing synthetic crude - an unconventional type of fuel. Sandra Mooibroek claims that there is an alternative to this environment unfriendly solution.

Rethinking Canadian economic and social policy

The 2003 federal budget had something for everyone. While health care dominated the spending, the budget included other social and environmental investments along with modest tax cuts and debt repayment. It also gave pundits plenty to chew on. Will the budget help launch John Manley's Liberal leadership bid against front-runner Paul Martin? Or was it a legacy budget for Jean Chretien?

Treaties, trees and sharing

Roving blockades attempt to stop the clearcutting of their homeland.  Aboriginal rights advocates oppose provincial-government contracts and the pulp and paper industry.  Meanwhile the byproducts and pollution of the logging industry are destroying the environmental balance of the region.


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