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Earth Day: delighting in creation

In the spring, we take great delight in creation, just as many people found joy in it throughout the Bible. Yet as our earth faces destruction – from pollution, from ever-increasing consumption – how are we reacting? With righteous indignation? Humble acceptance? Or are we angrily pointing the finger anywhere else but at ourselves?

Heading for an environmental train wreck?

The following piece is an excerpt from “Towards a New Vision of Common Security,” an address given by Bob Goudzwaard at the Institute for Christian Studies’ Worldview Conference in October 2007. It builds on themes found in the recently-released book Hope in Troubled Times, co-authored by Bob Goudzwaard, Mark Vander Vennen and David Van Heemst.

This speech explored “the issue of accelerated climate change, especially in its cultural roots, and then [made] a link to the heart of the Gospel.”

Lacking Responsible Leadership: Budget 2008 and Government Values

Budget 2008, introduced last week, was billed as “Responsible Leadership.” Yet the values and priorities evident in the budget do not include measures to reduce poverty, address homelessness or protect the environment. Public justice calls governments to take responsibility on these issues – and Budget 2008 drastically failed to answer this call.

Being a world leader?

At the recent United Nations environmental conference in Bali, Canada had the chance to reveal its strengths as a world leader in environmental protection. However, this opportunity was missed – instead of being a world leader, the Canadian delegation stuck to old arguments of economic stability and was reluctant to make any strong commitment to environmental sustainability.

Policies with Possibilities: moving towards a green economy

Despite claims that environmental reforms will harm Canada’s economy, it is evident that Canada could implement reforms that benefit both the economy and the environment. Through ecological fiscal reforms, like those implemented in Sweden, the government could ensure economic stability while also protecting the environment.

The high cost of the oil sands

As the world's supply of natural oil and gas is being depleted, Canada started producing synthetic crude - an unconventional type of fuel. Sandra Mooibroek claims that there is an alternative to this environment unfriendly solution.


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