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Christians Call for Canadian Climate Leadership at COP23


Bonn, Germany: November 13, 2017 —As the world convenes for the COP23 climate conference in Germany, Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ) will be there to call for Canada to do its part to implement the Paris Agreement.

“COP23 marks a critical moment for Canadian climate leadership,” said Karri Munn-Venn, Senior Policy Analyst for CPJ. “While some important advances have been made, it is clear that Canada — and the international community — must commit to a much higher level of ambition to close the gap between projected emissions and the Paris targets.”

Moving Beyond Greening and Stewardship

By Mishka Lysack on August 23, 2017

From the Catalyst, Summer 2017

Greening alone is not enough to solve the big problems of climate change, air and water pollution, ocean acidification, and species extinction. The problems lie with how we have organized our economy and designed our buildings and cities, hardwiring our problems into structures that are difficult to change.

On Canada’s 150th, What’s Next for Alberta’s Oil Sands?

By Kerry Oxford on July 4, 2017

As Canada marks 150 years since Confederation, I find myself reflecting on Alberta’s role in the Canadian economy as an engine. The past few years have been critical to our development and deepening understanding of who we are as Albertans. I am grateful for the opportunities afforded me living in a strong economy. And I am hopeful that our next 150 years will not only be economically strong, but more principled as well.

Infographic: Not all oil is created equal

The oil and gas sector produces more greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions than any other sector of the Canadian economy. Even without considering their end use for things like heating fuels or gasoline, the extraction, transportation, and refining of oil and gas contributes more than a quarter of Canada’s total emissions.

Beyond the volume of these emissions, we must also consider their carbon intensity – that is, the GHGs emitted for each unit of oil or gas produced.

Infographic: Not all oil is created equal

Give it up for the Earth!

Give it up for the Earth! raises awareness about climate change and mobilizes Christians across Canada to collect signatures as a demonstration of support for increased federal government action.


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